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After 13 years of anonymity and disappearance, Satoshi Nakamoto is back!

With a renewed sense of purpose, Satoshi announced his plan to create the Satoshi Coin using the Scrypt algorithm, a project that aimed to capture the essence of his original vision for a decentralized and sustainable digital currency. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Satoshi Coin would implement novel consensus mechanisms, designed to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while maintaining the core principles of decentralization and security.


The SAT Coin

54.6M Total Supply

Satoshi Coin has a 54.6M fixed supply on its own Blockchain.

0% Tax

Coins, unlike tokens, have no tax.


SAT can be mined by using your CPU, GPU or ASIC.

SAT mining will last until 2050.

Block Reward (PoW)

The reward per block starts at 50 SAT per block available for everyone.


Satoshi Coin halving takes place every 525,000 blocks, approximately every 2 Years.

Coinbase Maturity

Coinbase maturity is the number of blocks before a mined block can be spend.

Has been set to 3 blocks.

Target Spacing

Target spacing is the number of minutes it should take to mine a block.

Has been set to 1 minute.

Target Timespan

Target timespan is the number of minutes before difficulty of the network is re-adjusted.

Has been set per block.

Transaction Confirmations

Target timespan is the number of blocks before a transaction is confirmed.

Has been set to 3 minutes.

Block Size

2.5MB = 4 MB segwit + 11 MB MWEB + 1 MB buffer = 16 MB total

Proof of Work

Scrypt Algorithm

Scrypt is a cryptographic algorithm that serves as the backbone of both Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism in blockchain networks. This mechanism is used to validate and confirm transactions within a decentralized network, ensuring security and integrity without the need for a centralized authority.

Proof of Work, based on the Scrypt algorithm, involves miners solving complex mathematical puzzles to validate and add new blocks to the blockchain. These puzzles are computationally intensive and require significant computational power. Miners compete to solve these puzzles, with the first one to solve it being rewarded with newly minted coins and transaction fees.

The use of Scrypt-based PoW not only ensures the secure and efficient operation of the blockchain but also contributes to the decentralization and democratization of the network, allowing users to participate in the validation process based on computational resources or coin ownership.

Mining Rewards

Mining and the Halving Events

  • Run the mining app and mine SAT. No SAT required. This ensures adoption of new participants in the ecosystem.
  • Mining lasts until 2050, so this is a long term reward system like Bitcoin mining.
  • Satoshi Coin will have a halving event every 2 years, this event will half rewards every 2 years until 2050.
  • Due to halving, as the years go by, the reward rate reduces making the token scarcer which should drive price up.
  • Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Mining App Compatible with

Whats Coming to
Satoshi Coin

Presale & Pre-Marketing

Birth of the idea, setup and start of presale and run pre-marketing for bigger exposure.

Coin Claim & Trading Launch

We will manually send your coins to your wallet. Τrading begins within 1-2 weeks after the Presale ends in a CEX.

Heavy Marketing

This includes reaching top influencers, callers as well as listing on the top crypto sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


Choose the mining App of your choice to start mine Satoshi Coins.

CEX Listings

Tier One CEX listings are all we will focus on, we will not waste time on sub standard CEX listings.

Secret Development

Our team

The Satoshi Coin


Lead Developer


Innovation Lead


Marketing Lead


Community Manager

An Experienced Team

  • We have 12 years of experience in Crypto Industry & 25 years of experience in development
  • We are always online on Telegram, while we are developing our project
  • We answer every question
  • We are fully transparent
  • We never give fake promises
  • We will complete our roadmap and will also build more things that we haven't announced yet